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Okay, so I have to admit that I am completely ignorant when it comes to electronic music. It’s just that I have trouble getting into music without vocals. That’s not limited to electronic music either as I have records from bands like “Explosions in the Sky,” who are an amazing band, but I honestly don’t grab it off the shelf unless I’m on a long drive or need some background music. So to clarify: lack of vocals = lack of interest = I don’t listen to it. Lot’s of my friends are into it, and I’ve tried, but I just haven’t found a connection to electronic music. 

However, I just heard something today that I’m legitimately stoked on! The Italian dance/electronic project “The Bloody Beetroots,” has teamed up with Dennis Lyxzen of “Refused,” fame and released a song called “Church of Noise.” This video’s overall aesthetic combined with Lyxzen’s vocals is definitely a winning combination in my opinion. 

Maybe this will open my mind a little more to electronic music, or maybe it’s just that any project Dennis Lyxzen is involved in has my seal of approval (I’m pretty sure if there was a recording of him farting into a microphone that I would buy it). Either way, rad video!

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